Economists for Britain produce regular reports looking at the economic issues that the EU and the UK face. We also store the Global Vision archive. We are delighted thatwe receive contributions from some of the most distinguished economic thinkers in both Britain and overseas. You can view these reports by clicking on the titles below. To speak to one of our researchers please ring our media mobile on 07538 28 00 41 (24hrs) or email [email protected]


Change, or go: the future of the EU debate - Business for Britain

EfB Perspective 1: Commonwealth countries have a bright future - Ruth Lea, 20 November 2014

EfB Perspective 2: The significance of the OECD’s work on trade in value-added - Ruth Lea, 20 November 2014

EfB Perspective 3: Diverse population changes in EU28 in 2013 - Ruth Lea, 15 December 2014

EfB Perspective 4: UK exports of insurance and financial services are crucially important, but EU share is falling as growth disappoints - Ruth Lea , 23 February 2015

EfB Perspective 5: The UK and the EU: key statistics - Ruth Lea, April 2015

EfB Perspective 6: A new relationship for the UK with the EU:the options examined - Ruth Lea, May 2015

EfB Perspective 7: Australia is top destination for Britain’s emigrants, especially those of working age - Ruth Lea, September 2015

EfB Perspective 9: The Five Presidents’ Report: Eurozone integration continues - Ruth Lea, December 2015


Global Vision Perspectives 

Global Vision Perspective “Britain’s legal power to opt-out of continued EU economic and political integration” - Ian Milne 1 February 2007

Global Vision Perspective “A new Treaty framework for a European Commonwealth” - Lord Blackwell 1 March 2007

Global Vision Perspective “Ninety-three per cent of UK imports ../../economists/research/do_not_bear_Customs_Duties__8221.css;  - Ian Milne 2 April 2007

Global Vision Perspective “Britain must have a referendum on the new EU treaty” - Ruth Lea 8 May 2007

Global Vision Perspective “Britain’s net contributions to the EU Budget set to double” - Ruth Lea 8 June 2007

Global Vision Perspective “Global perspective on protection, competition and growth within the EU” - Patrick Minford 12 June 2007

Global Vision Perspective “More harm than good: the danger of EU grants” - John Meadowcroft 27 June 2007

Global Vision Perspective “The Financial Services Action Plan: overrated, oversold and over here” - Keith Boyfield 30 July 2007

Global Vision Perspective “The UK’s future export growth markets” - Ian Milne 29 May 2007

Global Vision Perspective “The EU Single Banking Market Programme: Fit for Purpose?”- Kent Matthews and Simon Norton 13 August 2007

Global Vision Perspective “Against Europe’s Green Leviathan- Mark Pennington 20 August 2007

Global Vision Perspective “Moored to the Continent” - Dr Mark Baimbridge, Dr Brian Burkitt and Professor Philip B. Whyman 25 Sept 07

Global Vision perspective “Britain in a global world?” - Dr Mark Baimbridge, Dr Brian Burkitt and Professor Philip B Whyma 25 Sept 07

Global Vision Perspective “The EU Reform Treaty and the City” - David Lascelles 12 December 2007

Global Vision Perspective “Globalisation is here to stay and Britain must be free to respond” - Ruth Lea 28 December 2007

Global Vision Perspective “What Can Britain Learn from Germany?” - David B Smith and Eugen Mihaita 18 January 2008

Global Vision Perspective “The EU waste mountain”- Matthew Elliott & Dr Lee Rotherham 8 February 2008

Global Vision Perspective “Building the Transatlantic Bridge: The potential for Canada-UK trade”- Brent Cameron 10 March 2008

Global Vision Perspective “A new trading relationship for Britain with the EU” - Ruth Lea 24 March 2008

Global Vision Perspective “Europe’s worsening demographics” - Ruth Lea 8 April 2008

Global Vision Perspective “UK-EU trade creates far fewer jobs in the UK than in the rest of the EU” - Ruth Lea 21 April 2008



Global Vision Briefings 


Briefing - Energy

Briefing - EU Institutions and National Parliaments

Briefing - Foreign and Defence Policy

Briefing - Human Rights

Briefing - International Development

Briefing - JHA

Briefing - Single Market


Other Global Vision documents


“Britain and Europe: A new relationship” by Ruth Lea and Brian Binley MP 

“Commentary on the House of Lords Report on the Treaty of Lisbon”

“Defining a new relationship with Europe”

Global Vision, ICM Poll Summary Nov 2007

Global Vision lunch seminar

Red Lines, White Flag, White Lies, Blue Flag by Damon Lambert

Ruth Lea European Journal Oct 2007

Speech by Global Vision Fellow John O’Sullivan

Statewatch Analysis 5

Switzerland and the European Union, A model For Britain - Glen Ruffle

Why the EU Reform Treaty Matters