Labour for Britain was set up to represent the large number of Labour supporters who want to see significant change in our country’s relationship with the European Union and to make their voice heard in the EU renegotiation.  Labour for Britain seeks to provide a space for Labour Party members and activists to debate these issues and to campaign for a reformed EU.

As the recent General Election showed, there is strong support among Labour voters for a new relationship between the UK and the EU to bring the organisation closer to the needs of the people it represents.

We believe that if the Labour Party unites behind campaigning for the UK staying in the EU whatever the current renegotiation may bring, it will significantly weaken the UK’s negotiating position. On the contrary, Labour ought to be defining what it thinks the changes to our terms of EU membership ought to be and should then campaign hard to get them adopted.

Labour for Britain believes that the United Kingdom should not rule out leaving the EU, if substantial changes are not achieved. If necessary, Labour for Britain believes that we should negotiate a new, looser relationship, which addresses the concerns of Labour voters and the population as a whole.

When I saw how the European Union was developing, it was very obvious what they had in mind was not democratic. In Britain, you vote for a government so the government has to listen to you, and if you don’t like it you can change it

- Tony Benn, former Labour Cabinet Minister

Never shrink from being open about the problems of the European Union

- Ed Miliband, November 2012

Our reforms will help deliver a Europe focused on jobs and growth, not simply more austerity and rising unemployment

- Labour Party General Election Manifesto 2015