What is Economists for Britain?

Economists for Britain exists to give a voice to Britain’s economists who want to see fundamental changes made to the terms of our EU membership. We are independent and non-partisan academics, involving people from all parties and no party. As a campaign, we aim to reflect the views of all types of economist, ranging from academics to business specialists. The campaign is represented in the media and at events by practising economists. Economists for Britain will aim to ensure that the British people understand that many economists want a better deal from Brussels and are prepared to make the positive case for change.

Economists for Britain is a rebrand of the former Global Vision campaign, and Global Vision’s reports can be found on the research page.

Who’s behind the campaign?

Economists for Britain is supported by some of Britain’s leading economics thinkers and commentators.

Who else is involved?

Many of Britain’s leading economists have already joined Economists for Britain’s campaign for a return of powers from the EU to the UK.

A full list of our supporters is available at:


Do you agree with us?

“As economists and economic commentators we are writing to add our voices to the growing demands for a new relationship between Britain and the European Union and to express our support for an in-out referendum.

For too long the debate over Britain’s EU membership has been characterised by half-truths and outright fabrications. The misleading claim that millions of jobs would be lost if Britain were to leave the EU has been comprehensively disproved.

Research shows that British business wants a substantial change in Britain’s relationship with the EU. If negotiations by the Government fail to secure better terms, there is nothing to fear from Britain leaving.

Britain’s prosperity increasingly depends on its ability to trade with the whole world, not just its European neighbours. In 1980 the EU accounted for more than 30 per cent of world GDP; today that figure is less than 19 per cent. The share of British exports to the rest of the EU has fallen by 10 per cent in the past 10 years alone.

We need to move beyond a 20th-century economic mindset and be free to develop our links with the rising economies outside Europe.”

What makes you different from the other groups involved in the EU debate?

Economists for Britain is a campaign run by economists to make the case for a substantially changed relationship for Britain with the EU. Existing groups simply do not have our specific focus, arguing that Britain should either stay in the EU or leave the EU, irrespective of the outcome of any negotiations.  Our campaign supports an In/Out referendum.

Are you supporters of any one political party?

We are a cross-party campaign by economists, for economists representing all parties and no party.

You talk about renegotiation, but isn’t your campaign really about leaving the EU?

What unites supporters of Economists for Britain is an agreement that the status quo in our relationship is not working and that the Government is right to seek a new deal for the EU and the UK’s terms of membership. Instead of pushing the debate to the extreme corners of In versus Out, we should be having a sensible discussion about what is right and what is wrong in our current arrangements. If however negotiations fail to deliver the change we seek, then we believe Britain would prosper in a new relationship with the EU, based on trade and mutually beneficial bilateral agreements, but outside the EU’s political and economic union.

But is renegotiation realistic?

We believe that a negotiated large change in our relationship with the EU is achievable. To get that large change, we need to bring to the negotiation clarity of purpose, and a strong, united will. And we will only get that change if we are prepared to vote to leave the EU if our objectives in the negotiation are not met.